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Triangle Area Airsoft League

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Here are the Rule & Regulations of the Triangle Area Airsoft League


1.      ALWAYS treat all guns as if they were loaded and lethal.

2.      ALWAYS keep your gun pointed in a safe direction.

3.      ALWAYS keep your finger off the trigger until ready to fire.

4.      NEVER point your gun at anyone when not in an Airsoft game.

5.      ALWAYS wear eye and ear protection when shooting. 



1.      ALWAYS call yourself out when hit. If in doubt, call yourself out to be safe. Make sure you yell hit or act out your death loud enough so everyone knows you’re hit.

2.      NEVER call someone else out. If you know you hit them and they did not respond, do not say anything. They may not have felt the hit. If you know they felt the hit, next time you shoot them, shoot them more or go for skin and MAKE them feel it. NEVER call someone out. It is bad sportsmanship.

1.      ALWAYS try to aim for center of mass. Airsoft isn’t ultra-accurate, so head shots are unavoidable, just try to be courteous. The exception to this is if all you can see is their head, you can take the shot. You would in real life combat, so only follow this if it is practical.

2.      NEVER shoot someone point-blank unless they would not surrender. See surrender rule.

3.      ALWAYS say something like, “nice shot”, or, “good one”, to your opponent when they hit you. You can wait until the round is over to maintain realism.

4.      NEVER leave the boundaries of the playing field during a game.

5.      ALWAYS try to act out a dramatic hit or death to add to the realism. It is fun for everyone, especially the person who hits you.

6.      NEVER play dead or possum when an opponent is in view. This is dishonorable.

7.      ALWAYS display your death rag when hit and while exiting the combat area. If you don’t have one, hold your gun above your head.

8.      NEVER talk or interact with players after you are hit. Dead men don’t talk or give guns to people!

9.      ALWAYS stay down after you are hit and only exit once the combat has moved to another area. You don’t want the sound of your footsteps to throw off someone who is trying to hear their enemy’s footsteps.

10. NEVER insult or yell at another player.

11. ALWAYS wear proper eye protection during all combat rounds. Do not lift up your goggles or glasses even to wipe them off. You can always catch one in the eye!



Any hit to the body, limbs, or head is considered a kill. Hits to the gun being held by the player are ignored and play continues without pause.


Airsoft guns can injure so if you get close enough to someone (point-blank range), and have a bead on them, and a direct shot, yell, ”SURRENDER!”. If they surrender, they are dead as this gives the person a chance to avoid being shot at close range. If they do not surrender (and no one HAS to surrender), then you may shoot them but remember center of mass.


If you can sneak up on someone and tap them on the shoulder before they know you’re there, that is a “knife kill” and they are dead. This is a very rare move and is highly commendable.


Do not test fire your guns around the staging area. Find a safe place to shoot away from the loading/staging area. People aren’t always wearing eye protection around the staging area so even if you are shooting away from everyone, there are always ricochets or people walking back from the combat areas.


Sometimes someone who isn’t playing may be present at the staging area or in the combat zone. These people must ALWAYS wear eye protection. This is for their safety, so if they can’t follow this rule, they will not be allowed to be there, period. Photographers that are present in combat zones, must be part of a combat team to maintain realism and to keep from confusing players or throwing off someone who is trying to hear their enemy. Spectators and guests must stay out of the combat zone and can only watch from either the staging area or outside the boundaries. Even in these areas, eye protection must be worn at all times!

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