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Triangle Area Airsoft League

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History of Our Club

     The Triangle Area Airsoft League is a fairly new club to the Raleigh-Durham area of North Carolina.  We were founded by our current president; Walter Bradshaw on November 29th, 2004.  Although we our a fairly new club a lot of planning and preperation has gone into creating TAAL (Triangle Area Airsoft League) and we hope to give all players the best and most exciting expierience possible for the lowest price we can offer.

Our Mission Statement

     The Triangle Area Airsoft League has a very defined mission statment.  Our mission statment is to create a fun exciting enviorment for all of our players at the lowest price possible.  We also belive that everyone should be able to participate in our leauge so we have set up a fund using the club's monthly dues for less fortunate members that can not afford the league's required gear or can not pay the league's monthly dues.

Our Club Officers

     The Triangle Area Airsoft League has two main officers at all times.  These positions are President and Co-President.  Walter Bradshaw who is the founder of TAAL is our current president.  His main job is to organize all our affairs and deal with punishment for players who display acts of misconduct.  He also deals with the clubs sponsers and meeting managment.
      Our current co-president is Tyler Richards.  He mainly helps the president with all his task and he is the presidents right hand man.


Walter Bradshaw- Our current president

Come join the fun and fast growing sport of Airsoft